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We use the latest technologies to create Single Page Apps that use responsive desing to work on any device. SPAs deliver a fluid user experience via a thin server architecture which moves complexity from the server to the client. The role of the web server has evolved into a pure data API.

Our ASP.NET MVC 4 Web.API apps are written in C#, HTML 5, Javascript, and LESS/CSS3 using Visual Studio 2012.

We use proven solutions for reoccurring problems via design patterns (RMP, AMD, GoFs, Fowlers) and principles (Robert C. Martin's smells) to create our synergy.

Our agile Test Driven Development approach embraces change, has iterations, and requires constant user feedback.

Our background includes over 30 years working for major local companies in South Florida such as Assurant, Ryder, Exxon and Lennar.

We use many open source Javascript libraries like Amplify, Infuser, JQuery, JQuery UI, Json2, Knockout, Modernizr, Moment, QUnit, R (part of RequireJS), Require, Sammy, Toastr, TrafficCop, and Underscore to name a few.

John Papa's course at titled Single Page Apps with HTML5, Web API, Knockout and jQuery really explains it all (albeit 6 hours and 20 minute long).

You can see a live demo of his SPA here.

We were fortunate to see John Papa live at NOVA Southeastern University's Code Camp 2013, since we've spent the last 6 months learning from his and many other Pluralsight courses. It was standing room only, and they had to open up an additional room, but he finally got to explain how SPAs work, and why we should use them. His work has been our inspiration.

See for yourself and try our site with your personal device.

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Carlos F. Montano
CEO & Software Architect
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